Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, Responds to the Question of Necessity for an Annual iPhone Upgrade


In an interview, Apple CEO Tim Cook was questioned about the necessity of releasing a new iPhone every year. He responded, stating that it is a choice for those who desire it

The iPhone holds a prestigious status as one of the most coveted smartphones globally. Each year, the anticipation for the latest iPhone variant is palpable, with people eagerly awaiting the chance to acquire the newest model. This year, the iPhone 15 made its debut on September 12 during Apple’s ‘Wonderlust’ event, hitting the shelves on September 22. Customers were spotted lining up outside freshly inaugurated Apple stores in Delhi, mirroring a familiar sight when Apple introduces a new phone to the market.

Apple’s tradition of annual iPhone launches has raised questions for some regarding the necessity of such frequent releases. In a recent interview with Brut, Apple CEO Tim Cook addressed this query, stating, ‘I think having an iPhone every year for those people that want it is a great thing.’ He also elaborated on Apple’s policy of permitting users to exchange their old iPhones for new ones, mentioning that functional older devices are resold, while non-functional ones are disassembled to reuse their materials in the production of new iPhones.

Regarding the iPhone 15, it comes in various configurations, with the 128GB variant priced at Rs 79,900, the 256GB version at Rs 89,900, and the 512GB model available for Rs 1,09,900. The iPhone 15 features a 6.1-inch display and offers five color options: pink, yellow, green, blue, and black. In terms of design, it retains the same appearance as the iPhone 14 and previous models, replacing the traditional notch with a Dynamic Island notch, a feature previously popularized with the iPhone 14 Pro models.

Notable upgrades are present in the camera department, including a 48-megapixel primary camera sensor, a significant improvement compared to the 12-megapixel dual camera system in the iPhone 14. Additionally, the iPhone 15 is equipped with Apple’s A16 bionic processor, a step up from the A15 bionic chipset used in the iPhone 14 and 14 Plus, while the Pro models received the faster A16 chip.

One eagerly anticipated change in the iPhone 15 is the transition to a USB Type-C charging port, marking the end of the lightning port era. This shift aligns with the widely used USB Type-C standard, eliminating the need for a specialized iPhone charging cable.

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