Amazon Unveils Prime Shopping Edition Subscription Plan in Anticipation of Great Indian Festival Sale


Amazon India Competes with Flipkart by Introducing Prime Shopping Edition, Tailored for Android Users.

Amazon is set to simplify the shopping experience for users in anticipation of the Great Indian Festival sale, as it takes on Flipkart with the introduction of a new iteration of its Prime membership program, tailored specifically for Android users. This new offering, named Prime Shopping Edition, is available at an annual cost of Rs 399 and primarily focuses on enhancing the shopping journey. According to Moneycontrol, Prime Shopping Edition grants users access to perks such as free shipping and one-day deliveries, mirroring the benefits enjoyed by Amazon Prime members. However, it’s crucial to note that this variant does not provide access to Amazon’s entertainment features like Prime Video, Music, Reading, Gaming, and other such offerings. The comprehensive Amazon Prime package, inclusive of these entertainment services, typically carries a price tag of Rs 1,499, with occasional discounts down to Rs 999 during promotional periods.

Amazon’s move is a response to Flipkart’s recent unveiling of its subscription model, VIP, priced at Rs 499, aimed at attracting customers seeking benefits similar to those offered by Amazon Prime.

The terms and conditions specify that the Prime Shopping Edition tier is exclusively available through the Amazon app or mobile browser on Android devices. This targeting of Android users aligns with the fact that India boasts over 650 million smartphone users, with more than 85 percent of them using Android devices. The duration of this offer and whether it’s limited to specific events, such as the Great Indian Festival (GIF), remains unclear as of now, as Amazon has not provided any official comments on the matter.This isn’t the first time Amazon has unbundled its Prime offerings in India. A year ago, they introduced a Prime Video Mobile edition plan for Rs 599 per year.

The launch of Prime Shopping Edition coincides with the start of the festive season sale, where Amazon and Flipkart will engage in a fiercely competitive battle for the attention of Indian consumers, offering a wide range of attractive deals and services.

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