Former Google Employee, Jobless Since January, Credits Taking a Break for Personal Recharge


In January, Google terminated employment for thousands of individuals. While some promptly pursued new opportunities, others opted to take a break before embarking on their next venture

In January of this year, Google announced the layoffs of 12,000 employees, causing shockwaves throughout the tech industry. Numerous individuals shared their experiences on LinkedIn, with some recalling the abrupt receipt of layoff notifications late at night, while others recounted being on pre-planned leaves when they received the news.

The aftermath of losing a job can be a traumatic experience, known to impact mental health. Many former Google employees initiated their job search immediately, but some chose to take a pause to recharge before delving into their next professional endeavor. A former Google executive recently shared her insights on LinkedIn, expressing how the break allowed her to recharge before reentering the job market. She emphasized the current challenges in the job world and conveyed her goal of finding a role where she can engage in enhancing processes and solving complex problems. She thrives in an environment where she can apply her skills to streamline operations, analyze intricate challenges, and craft effective solutions.

The layoffs in January were not the only ones Google announced this year. A few months later, layoffs affected the Waze mapping app department as part of its integration into Google Maps products. Chris Philips, the head of Google’s Geo unit, communicated the decision via email.

In September, Alphabet, Google’s parent company, announced the layoffs of hundreds of employees from its recruiting team. While the exact number wasn’t disclosed, the company assured that it was not part of a broader layoff and would retain a significant majority of the team for critical roles. Alphabet also pledged support in helping affected employees secure new positions within or outside the company.

More recently, a Google employee resigned after an 18-year tenure. In a blog post about his layoff, he asserted that Google’s character had changed, and CEO Sundar Pichai lacked visionary leadership. He noted the erosion of the company’s work culture over time, with decisions shifting from user-centric goals to profit maximization. Transparency, once a hallmark, began to fade, and the leadership, under Pichai’s direction, became increasingly disconnected from rank-and-file employees.

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