Users of ChatGPT now have the opportunity to engage in conversations with the AI chatbot via voice communication. Here’s the step-by-step guide to activate voice chat functionality.


Today, ChatGPT unveiled a groundbreaking update, introducing the capability to engage in vocal interactions with the AI-driven chatbot, alongside an additional functionality empowering users to effortlessly share and seek assistance with images. Below, you’ll discover the steps to activate these cutting-edge features.

OpenAI has diligently incorporated numerous user-friendly enhancements into its AI-driven conversational model, ChatGPT. Presently, the organization has disclosed its plans to introduce fresh voice and image functionalities to the chatbot, enabling users to inquire using their voice and receive responses mirroring human-like interaction.

ChatGPT vocal interaction

As per OpenAI’s latest update, ChatGPT users accessing the mobile platform can now participate in seamless interactive dialogues. This enhancement enables users to seamlessly query the chatbot and instantly receive responsive interactions.

To access this novel capability, simply launch the ChatGPT mobile application, navigate to the ‘Settings’ menu, and discover the option to activate voice chat within the ‘New Features’ section. OpenAI has integrated Whisper, their publicly available speech recognition system, to proficiently convert spoken language into written text, powering this new feature.

Although the cutting-edge voice technology can emulate individuals and produce ‘convincingly authentic artificial voices,’ the firm has restricted the use of the novel voice chat functionality solely to those voice actors with whom OpenAI has established a direct collaboration.

ChatGPT perspective

OpenAI has introduced a valuable new capability, enabling users to employ ChatGPT to address issues such as diagnosing the cause of a malfunctioning grill, strategizing meal preparation by examining fridge contents, or dissecting intricate work-related data graphs. According to the company, users will now have the ability to concentrate on specific image details through the mobile app’s drawing tool.

To access this functionality, just initiate a photo upload through your device’s camera or tap the dedicated photo icon. On mobile devices, you can enable these same choices by tapping the plus icon. The image recognition capability is driven by the combined power of GPT 3.5 and GPT 4, allowing it to function seamlessly across a range of visual content, including photos, documents, and screenshots.

OpenAI has announced that within the upcoming fortnight, voice chat and image recognition capabilities will become accessible exclusively to subscribers of ChatGPT Plus and Enterprise plans, which means you may need to exercise patience until they become accessible on your device. The ChatGPT Plus subscription is priced at approximately Rs 1,600 per month for users in India.

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