India Mobile Congress 2023 Day 1: Following 5G Implementation, India Sets Sights on Leading in 6G Technology


In his address during the inauguration, Prime Minister Modi reflected on India’s remarkable 5G rollout last year, which garnered international attention. He underscored that India’s momentum did not wane following the success of 5G but rather, the nation continued its efforts to extend its benefits to every citizen

The 7th Edition of the India Mobile Congress (IMC) 2023, a three-day event, commenced today at Bharat Mandapam in New Delhi. This year’s theme, “Global Digital Innovation,” was inaugurated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The event showcased innovative technologies, ideas, and use cases across various industries and sectors

During the inaugural address, Prime Minister Modi reminisced about India’s 5G rollout last year, which garnered international acclaim. He highlighted India’s continued efforts beyond 5G’s success, focusing on extending its benefits to every citizen. He stated, “India moved from the 5G rollout stage to 5G reach-out stage.” Within a year of the 5G rollout, India has developed 4 lakh 5G base stations covering more than 97 percent of cities and 80 percent of the population. The median mobile broadband speeds have increased threefold within one year, propelling India from the 118th position to the 43rd position in terms of broadband speed. Furthermore, India is not only expanding the 5G network but also striving to become a leader in 6G technology

Prime Minister Modi also awarded 100 ‘5G Use Case Labs’ to educational institutions across the country as part of the ‘100 5G labs initiative.’ This initiative aims to tap into the opportunities offered by 5G technology by encouraging the development of applications catering to India’s unique needs and global demands. It will foster innovation across various sectors, such as education, agriculture, health, power, and transportation, positioning India at the forefront of 5G technology usage. Additionally, it is a crucial step in building a 6G-ready academic and startup ecosystem in the country

At India Mobile Congress 2023, two new initiatives were introduced: ‘Aspire,’ a pioneering startup program, and ‘Robo Blitz,’ a robotic wars event. ‘Aspire’ focuses on fostering entrepreneurship among young innovators and industry delegates in telecom and other digital domains, while ‘Robo Blitz’ invites young engineers and technology enthusiasts to showcase their robotics skills

The first day of the event delved into discussions on cutting-edge technology landscapes, including telecom and digital infrastructure, automation, AI, data privacy, satellite communication, 6G technology, drone applications, rural connectivity, and Industrial IoT. These sessions shed light on the path to innovation and entrepreneurship aligned with sustainable development goals. They also highlighted the transformative potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in shaping future technologies and driving the world toward digital transformation. Furthermore, 5G and 6G were underscored as the platforms for realizing these ideals by making digital technology affordable and accessible to the public

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