Spotify experiments with a voice interpretation capability tailored to podcasts


The freshly unveiled voice generation technology from OpenAI, supported by Microsoft, empowers the translated editions to replicate the distinctive style of the original speaker.

Spotify Tech is currently in the experimental stages of trialing an innovative AI-driven function designed to convert podcasts featuring personalities such as Dax Shepard and Lex Fridman into various languages, as announced by the audio-streaming enterprise on Monday.

This addition represents Spotify’s most recent endeavor to leverage generative artificial intelligence, a cutting-edge technology that has gained substantial prominence following the emergence of ChatGPT, in order to attract fresh users and enhance its revenue streams.

According to Spotify, these translated renditions, powered by the newly unveiled voice generation technology from OpenAI with Microsoft’s backing, will faithfully replicate the unique speaking style of the original podcast host, delivering a more authentic experience compared to conventional dubbing methods.

The organization had previously collaborated with various podcast creators such as Monica Padman, Bill Simmons, and Steven Bartlett in their endeavor. According to Spotify, they plan to offer voice translations in languages like Spanish, French, and German for a limited number of episodes from their catalog and forthcoming releases. This move by Spotify has the potential to broaden the viewership of these shows. Over the recent years, Spotify has made substantial investments in its podcasting sector, aiming to leverage the heightened engagement levels associated with this medium to attract an increased number of advertisers.

However, this led to a significant increase in the operational costs of the organization, growing at twice the rate of its revenue expansion in the previous year. Additionally, companies have begun to reduce their advertising expenditures as a result of escalating interest rates and persistent inflation.

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