The iPhone 15 Pro series boasts a design that prioritizes ease of repair, although its repairability score remains relatively low


Although the iPhone 15 Pro series boasts an innovative internal design that facilitates repairs, it continues to receive a relatively modest repairability rating, scoring merely four out of ten.

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At present, the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max stand out as Apple’s most user-friendly smartphones in terms of repairability. As highlighted in a teardown video released by iFixit, these latest additions to the Pro iPhone lineup boast a novel chassis design. Notably, this design incorporates a back glass that can be easily replaced—a feature initially introduced with the iPhone 14 in 2022.

Despite the advancements in repair-friendly internal engineering, the iPhone 15 Pro series still manages to attain only a modest repairability rating of four out of ten. This rating is predominantly attributable to component pairing, where a majority of the internal elements—such as the display, battery, camera, and even the wireless charging circuit—are tightly integrated with the motherboard. Consequently, this intricate integration poses a significant challenge for independent repair efforts, necessitating the involvement of authorized technicians.

This aspect is similarly apparent when considering the service expenses associated with the latest iPhone models. To substitute the rear glass on the iPhone 15 Pro, the cost stands at Rs 14,900, whereas the corresponding repair for the iPhone 14 Pro is valued at Rs 52,900, mainly because the company opts to replace the entire device instead of just repairing the glass.

With its innovative redesign, the entire iPhone 15 lineup now allows for access from both the front and rear. It’s worth highlighting that Apple distinguishes itself as one of the select few companies providing effortless screen repairs for smartphones. In contrast, many flagship Android devices typically integrate the display with the frame, necessitating a full mid-frame replacement when replacing the screen.

Although Apple provides a self-service program in certain regions, this option remains unavailable in India. Despite this effort, the procedure for acquiring a replacement component and verifying it via a telephone call lacks the expected level of efficiency.

The video clip additionally discloses that the iPhone 15 Pro employs the Qualcomm X70 5G modem, and the corporation has prolonged its agreement with Qualcomm as the exclusive provider of 5G modems until the year 2026. There have been reports suggesting that Apple is actively working on crafting its proprietary 5G modem, which might find its way into upcoming iterations of the iPhone.

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