Meta’s AI-Powered Chatbot: Conversing with an Emulated Abraham Lincoln to Enhance User Engagement


Meta’s Upcoming AI-Powered Chatbots to Emulate Various Personalities, Including the Late US President Abraham Lincoln.

“Generative AI has been a hot topic in the tech industry since the beginning of this year, leading to increased competition among companies. In January 2023, OpenAI’s ChatGPT gained significant attention for its unique capabilities. Shortly after, Google introduced its chatbot Bard, and Microsoft launched Bing AI, triggering a major AI race. Since then, these companies have been continuously updating their chatbots to remain competitive. Now, another tech giant, Meta, is reportedly entering the AI chatbot race.

According to The Financial Times, Meta is working on AI chatbots that can mimic human-like conversations and even imitate famous personalities like Abraham Lincoln. These chatbots are expected to engage users in discussions, offer advice on various topics, and more. The goal is to provide a new way for people to explore and search within Meta, making it a ‘fun product’ with different personalities.

Additionally, these chatbots will allow Meta to gather more data about users’ interests, which can be used to display more relevant advertisements. As a significant portion of Meta’s revenue comes from advertising, this move could potentially boost their ads revenue.

Despite their plans to innovate with AI chatbots, Meta recently faced a decline in user numbers on their platform called Threads. Launched about a month ago, Threads initially gained popularity with over 100 million downloads in five days. However, the user base has since decreased, with more than half of the users no longer using the app. Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg acknowledged the challenge of retaining users during an internal town hall, stating that while the retention on Threads was better than expected, there is room for improvement.”

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