TeamLease forecasts the E-commerce sector will generate a staggering 700,000 gig opportunities during the latter half of 2023.


TeamLease predicts the E-commerce sector to create an astounding 700,000 gig opportunities in the latter half of 2023.

As per a recent TeamLease report, the e-commerce sector is expected to generate an impressive 700,000 gig opportunities in the latter half of this year. This surge in demand for temporary workers comes as businesses strive to enhance the customer experience during the festive season.

During the upcoming festive season, the nation’s e-commerce enterprises are actively preparing to satisfy consumer needs amidst the annual shopping frenzy. According to a recent report from a prominent staffing firm on Tuesday, this heightened activity is expected to create an astounding 700,000 gig jobs in the latter half of 2023.

Anticipations for this year’s seasonal recruitment suggest a remarkable surge of 25 percent in gig opportunities, surpassing the figures from the previous year. This remarkable growth showcases the industry’s bright prospects and its commitment to enhancing a favorable atmosphere.

The surge in gig worker requests during the celebration period has been steadily increasing, not just in major metropolises such as Bengaluru, Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, and Chennai, but also in smaller cities like Vadodara, Pune, and Coimbatore.

In tier-2 and tier-3 centers, there is a notable surge in demand for positions like warehouse operations, last-mile delivery personnel, and call center operators, surpassing that observed in tier-1 cities. This trend stems from the anticipation of an upswing in rural demand, driven by the alleviation of inflationary pressures.

Balasubramanian A, the vice-president and business head at Staff Hub Services, revealed, “Throughout the past half-decade, we’ve witnessed a remarkable surge of 20 percent in yearly growth for gig workers’ demand, and we anticipate this ascending trajectory to endure over the forthcoming 2-3 years, notably within the thriving domain of e-commerceā€¯.

In anticipation of the upcoming celebratory period, the e-commerce industry is embracing a vast wave of job opportunities, commencing in July, with an impressive 200,000 vacant positions. Balasubramanian projects this number to surge significantly, hitting approximately 700,000 by the time December arrives.

Based on the latest market analyses, there’s a projected surge in the gig economy workforce of the nation, with an estimated 2.35 crore workers expected to be part of it by the year 2029-30.

“Embracing the path ahead, we eagerly anticipate a forthcoming era where the gig economy assumes a paramount position, and our unwavering dedication lies in bolstering this dynamic workforce within the e-commerce sector as they forge their way towards triumph,” expressed Balasubramanian.

Moreover, the statistics reveal that the spike in gig/temporary workforce recruitment extends beyond the realm of e-commerce. Numerous other sectors are also intensifying their hiring endeavors in response to the burgeoning demands of the festive season.

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