CAT 2023: IIM Bangalore alters admission criteria, places heightened emphasis on personal interviews


The CAT 2023 examination has been slated for November 26th, with plans for its conduct spread across three sessions.

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The admissions policy for the primary postgraduate program at the Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore (IIM-B), has undergone a substantial revision. In this revised approach, prospective students’ eligibility is determined through a multifaceted evaluation process. This evaluation comprises an assessment of their performance in the Common Admission Test (CAT), an appraisal of their abilities through a Written Ability Test (WAT), active participation in Group Discussions (GD), and a comprehensive evaluation in Personal Interviews (PI).

IIM Bangalore employs a comprehensive set of criteria to gauge the suitability of candidates for the PGP program. These criteria encompass academic achievements in both Class 10 and 12, the nature of their undergraduate studies, and a thorough examination of their CAT scores, scrutinized on a section-by-section basis. Furthermore, any relevant work experience is accorded significant consideration during the selection process.

Notably, the institute’s selection process is a two-phase endeavor. These stringent selection criteria are judiciously applied across both phases to identify the most promising candidates for the program.

Modification to the admissions protocol

To achieve this objective, IIM Bangalore has recalibrated the significance of grades attained during the 10th and 12th grades, lowering their influence from 15% to 10% each during the initial screening process. Furthermore, in the ultimate selection phase, the importance attributed to Class 10 and Class 12 results has been diminished from 10% to 5%.

CAT 2023 Updates

In the current year, the IIMs witnessed an unprecedented surge in CAT registrations. “Approximately 3.3 hundred thousand individuals have enrolled for CAT 2023, marking an all-time high since the inception of the CAT exam in 1977,” exclaimed Professor Sanjeet Singh, the organizer of the examination. This remarkable increase stands in stark contrast to the 2.55 hundred thousand candidates who registered last year and the 2.31 hundred thousand applicants in 2021.

According to the established timetable, admission passes will become accessible starting at 5:00 PM on October 25th, with the examination taking place across three sessions on November 26th. It is anticipated that the results will be unveiled during the second week of January in the year 2024.

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