X to Introduce Payment Feature Similar to Google Pay, Confirmed by CEO Linda Yaccarino


Formerly Known as Twitter, X to Soon Enable User Payments on the Platform, Confirmed in CEO Linda Yaccarino’s Video

Elon Musk appears to be making significant strides toward realizing his longstanding aspiration of creating an all-encompassing app. On multiple occasions, he has discussed the development of “X,” a versatile application that would encompass features such as payments, opinion sharing, social connections, and more. His acquisition of Twitter last year was a surprising move, and little did anyone anticipate that he would transform this social media platform into the comprehensive “everything app” he had long envisioned.

Before Musk’s acquisition, Twitter primarily served as a platform for brief expressions of opinions. However, under Musk’s leadership, the platform has undergone a remarkable transformation. It now allows users to share lengthy videos, compose extended tweets, subscribe to specific accounts, and more. Furthermore, a recent video shared by CEO Linda Yaccarino confirms that Twitter will soon introduce a payment feature.

In the video unveiling this new feature, Yaccarino tantalizingly teased, “A glimpse of what’s on the horizon. Who’s on board?” The two-minute video elaborates on the wide range of functionalities that users can currently access on X, as well as those that will soon become available. Alongside the impending payment feature, the video also discusses the imminent introduction of video calling, marking a significant expansion of X’s capabilities beyond text-based communication. Additionally, users will soon be able to search for job opportunities through the platform.

Recently, Elon Musk hinted at the possibility of implementing a monthly fee for using X. During a conversation with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Musk suggested that users might need to pay a nominal monthly fee to access the app. He explained that this fee is intended to combat the proliferation of automated bots on the platform, stating, “It’s the only way I can think of to combat vast armies of bots,” as reported by CBS News.

Since acquiring Twitter for $44 billion last year, Musk has implemented substantial changes to the platform. Immediately following the acquisition, he ousted the former CEO, Parag Agrawal, and assumed control of the social media platform. Musk also allowed previously banned accounts, including former President Donald Trump, to return to Twitter. Furthermore, he revamped the “blue check” verification system, initially reserved for celebrities, and transformed it into a paid subscription service accessible to anyone.

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