Chinmaya Sripaada Cautions About Fake Bill Payment Scam, Reveals Family Member’s Bank Account Emptied


Singer Chinmayi Sripaada Raises Alarm Over Surge in Online Scams in India; Narrates Family Member’s Experience of Falling Prey to Fake TNEB Scam, Resulting in Complete Drain of Bank Account Without Sharing OTP

“The incidence of online scams in India is witnessing a rapid escalation, with individuals frequently falling prey to adept online tricksters, resulting in the loss of their hard-earned money. Singer Chinmayi Sripaada utilized Twitter (now known as X) to share an alarming incident involving a senior member of her family who was victimized by an online scam, leading to the complete depletion of their bank account. Sripaada’s revelation serves as a cautionary tale, urging individuals to guard themselves against such scams and offering guidance to protect their family members, especially the elderly, from fraudulent activities.

In a tweet, Sripaada disclosed that her family member, an elder, had been ensnared by a prevalent online scam referred to as the fake TNEB (Tamil Nadu Electricity Board) scam. This individual’s bank account was drained without any shared OTP. The fraudulent act transpired with a mere click on a link, presumably related to a falsified bill payment, resulting in the total liquidation of their account balance.

“I witnessed firsthand the operation of The Fake TNEB-Bill-Pay Scam. An elder family member’s account was wiped out. The audacity of executing this without the exchange of an OTP is shocking. It was almost as if they had direct access to the phone. A single click on a link, and everything was gone. Kindly inform every senior within your circles and safeguard them,” the actress articulated in her tweet. Subsequent to her post, numerous Twitter users shared accounts of how the scam had affected either them or those they held dear.

One user recounted a similar occurrence involving a retired government employee from Hyderabad. This individual received a WhatsApp link and upon clicking it, over 12 lakh rupees were swiftly siphoned from his account. In this scenario, the scammer masqueraded as a Tata Play employee.

“It is astounding how a transaction of such magnitude is facilitated without an OTP, and secure bank servers seemingly don’t intervene,” the user remarked.

Another user conveyed an incident in which their friend’s bank account was emptied within hours following their interaction with an unfamiliar WhatsApp link.

Sripaada further provided insights into safeguarding elders’ online security. Firstly, she recommended dissuading the elderly from sharing phone numbers linked to bank accounts with merchants or stores. Additionally, she advised elders to possess a distinct number solely designated for receiving bank OTPs. The SIM card of this number should be inserted into a phone devoid of background app downloads without their knowledge. Furthermore, Sripaada advised maintaining a bank account with a balance less than Rs 10,000 for all QR code payments, thereby bolstering security.”

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