WhatsApp is considering the introduction of view-once voice messages that will automatically vanish once the recipient has listened to them


According to reports, WhatsApp is in the planning stages of an update that will enable users to send voice messages that will automatically vanish once the recipient has played them.

WhatsApp is in the process of developing various new features to enhance the user experience on the platform. The Meta-owned app has already introduced updates like channels and a multiple-accounts feature. According to Wabetainfo, WhatsApp is now looking to add a feature that allows users to send view-once voice messages, similar to the existing “View Once” feature for photos and videos. This feature is designed to enhance user privacy by ensuring that voice notes cannot be stored, forwarded, or exported. Currently, the feature is accessible only to a limited number of Android and iOS users who are using the beta version of the app. To enable this feature, users can install the latest WhatsApp beta for Android (version from the Google Play Store or the WhatsApp beta for iOS (version via the TestFlight app.

Once the feature is installed, users can activate it by tapping a small “1” icon that appears to the right of the voice note waveform while recording a WhatsApp audio message. After sending a voice note with the view-once mode enabled, neither the sender nor the recipient can listen to it again after it has been dismissed, ensuring increased privacy.

The report also includes a screenshot revealing a new “view-once” icon, represented by a lock, which can be accessed in the chat bar during the voice note recording process. When this icon is selected, the voice note is sent in view-once mode, preventing the recipient from saving, forwarding, or recording it. This feature serves as an additional layer of privacy, reducing the risk of unauthorized access or subsequent listening, especially for sensitive or confidential information.

It’s worth noting that WhatsApp already has a similar “View Once” feature for photos and videos that was introduced in 2021, indicating the platform’s intention to provide a similar feature for audio messages. When this feature is rolled out, it will give users greater control and privacy over their shared voice notes, preventing them from being exported, forwarded, or shared with others, thus protecting their personal and sensitive information.

Additionally, the report confirms that recipients won’t be able to save or record voice notes sent in View Once mode, further enhancing user control and safeguarding their privacy.

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