Goa Roadmap for Tourism

Current Affairs

The recently published ‘G20 Leaders Declaration’ has underscored the significance of the ‘Goa Roadmap for Tourism’ as a pivotal means for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This groundbreaking initiative serves as a comprehensive guide for fostering sustainable tourism on a global scale, aligning seamlessly with the theme of India’s G20 Presidency. The roadmap places significant emphasis on the multifaceted role of tourism in society, the economy, and environmental conservation.

To advance this commitment, the Ministry of Tourism, in collaboration with UNWTO, has unveiled the G20 Tourism and SDG Dashboard, a platform that showcases sustainable tourism practices and policies implemented by G20 nations. Additionally, the Ministry is poised to launch education and awareness campaigns, initiate a national competition titled ‘Tourism for Tomorrow,’ and introduce the “Travel for LiFE” program, all aimed at promoting responsible and sustainable tourism.

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