WhatsApp Introducing Latest Updates for Channels, Voice Notes, Polls, and More


WhatsApp has unveiled an array of enhancements for its one-way broadcasting tool, Channels. In an announcement on Wednesday, Mark Zuckerberg disclosed that Channels would undergo updates, encompassing voice notes, multiple admin capabilities, sharing to status, and the incorporation of polls. These enhancements are geared towards providing users with more interactive options for engaging with WhatsApp Channels.

Zuckerberg conveyed, “We’re introducing a range of new features for WA channels, including voice notes, multiple admins, sharing to status, and polls, which is great because I need help settling a debate.” He utilized his WhatsApp Channel to launch a poll seeking votes on the ‘best game of all time.’ The rollout of these features spans Android, iOS, and the web, gradually becoming accessible worldwide.

Key Features Include:

1. Voice Updates:

A highly anticipated feature, Voice Updates empowers Channel admins to send voice notes, fostering a deeper connection with their followers. WhatsApp notes that the platform already exchanges a remarkable 7 billion voice notes daily, making this feature a prominent communication format for Channels.

2. Polls:

Channels can now create polls to enhance engagement. This feature allows Channel admins to directly gauge their audience’s opinions and preferences. Zuckerberg demonstrated this feature by crafting a poll about the most popular games. Polls transform passive viewers into active participants, allowing users to create concise questions with multiple answer options.

3. Share to Status:

Bridging the gap between Channels and personal connections, Share to Status enables users to seamlessly share compelling updates from their favorite Channels to their WhatsApp Status. This facilitates the dissemination of information within their network, allowing users to stay informed about topics they care about and channel creators to experience organic growth through word-of-mouth recommendations.

4. Multiple Admins:

Elevating group management, the Multiple Admins feature allows WhatsApp Channels to have up to 16 admins. This streamlines communication flow within channels, ensuring efficient sharing of relevant and timely information for users to stay abreast of the latest developments.

WhatsApp also announced that its new feature, Channels, has reached 500 million monthly active users. Profiles of celebrities like Katrina Kaif and Vijay Devarakonda, as well as brands such as Mumbai Indians, Mercedes F1, and Netflix, have joined the platform. WhatsApp Channels enables users to receive important updates from individuals and organizations privately, separate from their personal chats, similar to Instagram’s broadcast feature.

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