Elon Musk Addresses Israel-Hamas Conflict, Expresses Concerns about Harm to Children in Gaza


In a recent podcast interview on YouTube, Elon Musk addressed the Israel-Hamas conflict, expressing solidarity with Gaza. Musk emphasized that causing harm to children in Gaza could lead to the creation of Hamas members who are motivated to retaliate against Israelis. Additionally, Musk showed support for Gaza last month by providing Starlink satellite connectivity during an internet shutdown

In a YouTube interview with podcaster Lex Fridman, Elon Musk was asked about his perspective on ending the current conflict in Israel and Gaza. Musk emphasized the complexity of the situation and the importance of minimizing human suffering in the long term. He noted that creating more Hamas members than eliminating them is not a successful approach. Musk suggested that Israel should engage in conspicuous acts of kindness to thwart the intentions of Hamas, providing mobile hospitals and ensuring the transparent provision of essential amenities. While Musk acknowledged the necessity for Israel to address Hamas members, he also stressed the need for humanitarian efforts, stating that for every Hamas member killed, it’s crucial not to create more individuals who harbor hatred. Musk advocated for a strategy that considers the long-term impact on the creation of terrorists.

Elon Musk had previously expressed support for Gaza by announcing that SpaceX’s Starlink would provide communication support for internationally recognized aid organizations. The initiative aimed to assist during an internet shutdown in Gaza, but it faced opposition from Israel’s communication minister. Musk highlighted the unclear authority for ground links in Gaza and emphasized that no terminal had requested a connection during that period. The internet disruption coincided with an escalation of Israeli attacks, affecting emergency services and communication in Gaza. Musk’s involvement with Starlink had also faced criticism during the Russia-Ukraine conflict, with claims that services were shut down amid the Ukraine offensive, although Musk disputed these allegations.

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