What on Earth! Google’s Gemini Multi-Modal Demo is Astonishing, Revealing the Wild Realm of AI Innovation


On Wednesday, Google Introduces Gemini, Its Cutting-Edge Large Language Model, Showcasing Multimodal Capabilities in a Demo Video, Offering a Glimpse into the Potential AI-Powered Future.

What if we told you that simply by holding a rubber duck in your hand, you could generate ideas for a game that could captivate a child for hours? Or, what if we informed you that holding this duck could reveal its name in different languages like Spanish, French, Korean, and more? Google just demonstrated this in their Gemini demo video, leaving you exclaiming, ‘What the Duck!’

Google unveiled its most potent large language model, Gemini, on Wednesday, taking the tech world by surprise. Alongside the announcement, the company released a demo video showcasing Gemini’s multimodal capabilities, providing a glimpse into the potential AI-powered future.

The six-minute video explores Gemini’s ability to understand visual inputs, make decisions, analyze images, and much more. It begins with a man testing Gemini by placing a piece of paper on a table and asking what it sees. The AI model accurately identifies the action. As the man doodles a half-drawn duck, Gemini initially struggles but correctly identifies it when the drawing is complete, even displaying a touch of humor with the phrase, “It looks like a bird to me.”

The video progresses with Gemini recognizing water, a blue-colored duck, and a rubber duck, hilariously exclaiming, ‘What the quack.’ It demonstrates not only the model’s responsiveness but also its sense of humor, providing translations for the word ‘duck’ in various languages.

Delving deeper into the video, Gemini showcases its ability to generate game ideas, solve visual puzzles, engage in logic and spatial reasoning, translate visuals, and display cultural understanding. It even offers dietary advice, preferring an orange over a cookie for a healthier snack.

From deciding the direction a duck should go on a road to predicting constellations, Gemini proves to be a promising large language model. The video concludes with Gemini successfully identifying the constellation Gemini, praising the presenter for capturing its beauty.

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