WhatsApp to Introduce Login Option Without Requiring Phone Number Soon


WhatsApp Explores Email Verification Feature as a Solution for Users Facing Login Challenges Without Access to Phone Numbers

Just got a new phone? Connecting to your WhatsApp account is a breeze with OTP verification via SMS. But what if your phone number is inactive or your phone is stolen? WhatsApp’s SMS verification ensures a secure login with the 6-digit OTP, providing a safeguard against unauthorized access. However, if you lack access to your phone number, receiving the SMS becomes impossible, hindering your WhatsApp login. Now, WhatsApp is addressing this challenge by testing an Email Verification feature, as reported by WABetaInfo. This new feature, currently in beta for Android and iOS, serves as an additional method alongside SMS verification. It allows users to log in using their email addresses when unable to receive the 6-digit OTP via SMS.

Found in the recently added Account settings section, the “Email Verification” feature is user-friendly. Users can enter their email address, assured that it won’t be visible to others. The verification system aids in accessing WhatsApp accounts. After entering their email addresses, users need to verify them. If verification is pending, a prompt guides users to resend the verification email with a clickable button.

Although WhatsApp has been testing the email verification feature for a while, the recent beta version update indicates a broader rollout. While currently available to a limited audience using the beta version, it appears WhatsApp is gearing up for a wider release soon.

In parallel, WhatsApp is actively developing additional features to enhance user experience and safety. These include alternative profiles visible to restricted viewers, AI-powered support chat, and significant visual changes such as a bottom navigation bar and new color schemes for message bubbles. These forthcoming updates promise to elevate the overall look and feel of WhatsApp in the coming months.

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