Google terminates employee with 18 years of tenure; she seeks new employment on LinkedIn


Google downsized its recruitment team in September, leading to the layoff of hundreds of employees. A former Google staff member reveals her departure after almost 18 years with the company

When you dedicate a substantial portion of your life to a company, its significance becomes profound. The abrupt request to depart from such an integral part of one’s life can have a profound impact. Recently, Google implemented substantial layoffs, affecting numerous employees, including those in its global recruiting team. Among the casualties was an individual who had devoted nearly 18 years to Google. Despite the company’s prior assertion that the layoff in the HR department was not indicative of a broader downsizing, it proceeded to release a substantial number of team members in September.

In the aftermath of the layoffs, the affected employee took to LinkedIn to share her experience. Having spent almost two decades at Google, she now finds herself in search of new opportunities in Human Resources, Talent Acquisition, or Career Development, both in industry and academia. Her LinkedIn post reflects her gratitude for any potential connections, advice, or job opportunities, also extending an invitation for those interested in her resume to reach out.

This incident is not isolated, as other former Google employees have similarly used LinkedIn to share their layoff stories. Another former executive shared his positive experiences working at Google, announcing a break before resuming job searches in 2024 after more than four and a half years with the company.

It’s worth noting that Google’s layoffs weren’t confined to the HR team; earlier in the year, the company had announced the departure of 12,000 employees. Subsequently, layoffs affected the Waze mapping app department as part of its integration into Google Maps products. Chris Philips, the head of Google’s Geo unit, communicated the decision to employees via email.

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