WhatsApp Plans to Introduce Email Address Verification Option, Currently Accessible to a Limited User Group


WhatsApp Continues to Expand Its Feature Set, Testing a New Account Verification Method for Enhanced User Experience

WhatsApp continues to enhance its platform with various features, and the messaging app is poised to introduce another feature that is likely to improve the user experience. While WhatsApp already provides a security feature, it is currently testing a new method for users to verify their accounts, offering additional options beyond phone number verification. Here are the details.

In the upcoming update, WhatsApp will enable users to verify their accounts through email, as seen in the beta version of the app. This new feature will provide an alternative means of signing in to WhatsApp, complementing the existing phone number verification method. Beta users can check for the feature by navigating to the app’s Settings > Account > Email Address, ensuring they have the WhatsApp beta for Android versions,, or Those without the specified versions may not find the new feature in the app, according to WABetaInfo.

Additionally, WhatsApp recently introduced the ability to use two mobile numbers on a single account, a significant update that eliminates the need for dual or clone app features on phones. This allows users to manage two different accounts on a single device, providing a streamlined process for connecting with users using different numbers. Setting up a second WhatsApp account on the same app is straightforward, requiring a second phone number and SIM card or a device supporting multi-SIM or eSIM technology. Users have complete control over privacy and notification settings for each account, as outlined in the official blog of the messaging platform.

While the company anticipates rolling out the feature in the coming weeks, many users have yet to receive it, with the expected arrival in November. Beta testers can already access the feature, which will initially be available for the Android version of WhatsApp, with the iOS release date yet to be disclosed

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