Recommended Study Materials for NEET UG 2024 Preparation


To Achieve Success in NEET UG 2024, Opt for the Right Study Resources. Here’s a Compilation of Highly Recommended Books for Your NEET UG Preparation

In the pursuit of a medical career in India, the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test, or NEET, stands as the formidable gatekeeper to one’s dreams.

This article will serve as your guide through the intricate world of NEET UG preparation resources, focusing on carefully selected books that should be a part of every aspiring medical student’s arsenal.

These books comprehensively cover the crucial subjects of Biology, Chemistry, and Physics, catering to a range of proficiency levels and needs. Whether your goal is a top-tier score or shoring up your foundational knowledge, these books will be your guiding stars on the path to NEET success. Seep, an educator at Unacademy for the NEET UG exam, has curated a list of recommended books for NEET preparation:


 NCERT Textbook (Class 11th & 12th)

The NCERT Biology textbooks form the bedrock of NEET Biology preparation, offering in-depth coverage of the syllabus and serving as a cornerstone for grasping the fundamental concepts. Given that NEET questions frequently draw from NCERT content, a solid understanding of these textbooks is paramount.

NCERT Exemplar

This book serves as a valuable reference for addressing a diverse array of questions meticulously curated by NCERT publications. It provides a deeper understanding of concept application and aids in the development of robust problem-solving skills.

 Practice Books (e.g., 360 NCERT Biology by Disha, NCERT Fingertips by MTG):

These books comprise questions aligned with NCERT content and incorporate previous years’ questions (PYQs). Their purpose is to assist students in sharpening their problem-solving abilities and acclimating them to the question formats typically encountered in NEET exams. Moreover, these resources offer extra practice beyond what is covered in the NCERT textbooks.


 NCERT Textbook

Similar to the importance of NCERT Biology textbooks, the NCERT Chemistry textbooks for both class 11 and 12 lay the groundwork for your preparation. They establish a strong foundation in chemistry concepts and are indispensable for success in NEET.

Practice Books (e.g., NCERT Fingertips)

These textbooks provide an abundance of practice questions, including Previous Year Questions (PYQs). Their design aims to assist you in honing your problem-solving skills and becoming well-acquainted with the examination format.

Organic Chemistry (High Level) – MS Chauhan

If you’re seeking to bolster your understanding of organic chemistry, MS Chauhan’s book is a superb option. It delves deeply into the intricacies and complexities of the subject, rendering it particularly valuable for individuals striving for a top score.

Physical Chemistry – N Awasthi

N Awasthi’s book is highly esteemed as a valuable resource for physical chemistry. It offers a comprehensive comprehension of the subject and is particularly beneficial for mastering the numerical aspects of chemistry.

Inorganic Chemistry:

To excel in inorganic chemistry, it is crucial to thoroughly review the NCERT textbook on a regular basis. Additionally, for a deeper understanding and exposure to high-level questions, consulting OP Tandon is highly recommended.


Practice and Reference Materials for NEET Preparation:

Practice Books (including PYQs and NCERT Exemplar): These resources are designed to offer extensive practice and cover a wide range of physics problems. Solving Previous Year Questions (PYQs) is crucial for understanding the pattern of NEET Physics questions.

Reference Books: Here are some recommended reference books for your NEET preparation:

  • DC Pandey: Known for its NEET-specific content and comprehensive coverage of physics topics.
  • S.L. Arora: A valuable resource for building a strong conceptual foundation in physics.
  • HC Verma: Particularly renowned for its high-level conceptual questions, making it suitable for aspirants aiming for excellence in physics.

In summary, for NEET Biology, focus on NCERT textbooks, NCERT Exemplar, and practice books containing PYQs. For Chemistry, utilize NCERT textbooks, practice books like NCERT Fingertips, and specialized books such as MS Chauhan for organic chemistry, N Awasthi for physical chemistry, and OP Tandon for inorganic chemistry. In the case of Physics, consistent practice is key, and you can enhance your physics skills using books like DC Pandey, S.L. Arora, and HC Verma, in addition to practice books with PYQs and NCERT Exemplar questions.

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