Elon Musk ridicules Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg for his infrequent activity on Threads, emphasizing the importance of using one’s own product.


Elon Musk taunted Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg, highlighting his limited activity on Threads, Meta’s platform launched in July this year

Elon Musk, known for his candid remarks about competitors, recently took a swipe at Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg for his limited use of Threads, Meta’s text-based social media app. Musk characterized Threads as a “ghost town,” emphasizing the eerie quietness of the platform. During The Joe Rogan Experience podcast, Musk echoed the sentiment that one should actively engage with their own product, referring to Zuckerberg’s infrequent posts. Notably, Threads experienced a surge in downloads, reaching 100 million sign-ups within the initial five days of its July launch. However, the app faced a decline in daily users shortly afterward, prompting Zuckerberg to address the user retention challenge in an internal meeting with employees.

Musk’s criticism of Zuckerberg’s lack of activity on Threads is not new. In July, Musk responded to a Twitter user’s observation about the Meta CEO’s six-day hiatus from the app, suggesting Zuckerberg’s apparent disinterest in his own product.

Addressing Threads’ performance, Zuckerberg stated during a recent earnings conference call that the platform has “just under” 100 million monthly active users. Despite acknowledging the current success, he expressed a focus on expanding and nurturing the community, envisioning a future for Threads as a “billion-person public conversations app” with a more positive tone.

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