Creating a fresh website on Google might incur a cost of Rs 1 crore


Google Registry introduces a fresh top-level domain, .ing, empowering businesses and brands to craft singular, single-word domain names for their websites

Google has introduced a new domain extension, .ing, aimed at adding a fun element to websites. This extension allows users to create single-word domain names ending with ‘ing,’ such as or (though Canva has already claimed it). Users now have the opportunity to experiment with unique domains, making their websites distinctive and easily discoverable.

During Google’s early access period, users can register .ing domains, subject to an additional one-time fee. This fee decreases daily until December 5th when .ing domains become publicly available at 16:00 UTC (noon ET), as stated in Google’s official blog post by Christina Yeh.

Early access to these domains comes with a hefty price tag, reaching up to Rs 1 crore. Some popular words ending in -ing are currently available at high costs, like and at Rs 32,49,999 and 1,08,33,332.50 per year, respectively. However, more affordable options like are available for Rs 16,249.17 per year, while is priced at Rs 3,24,999 per year. Notably, certain domains, including, are not available.

Several domains have already been claimed by companies, with Canva securing and, and Adobe Acrobat taking and Users attempting to access these websites will find them already in use.

For those interested in acquiring a .ing domain, the process involves registering during Google’s early access period through domain registrars like GoDaddy, Namecheap, or Google Domains. A search for the desired .ing domain can be conducted, and if available, users can register it by paying the required fee. While .ing domains are currently open for pre-registration, they are expected to become more widely available and potentially more affordable starting December 5th.

Additionally, Google Registry is working on a .meme top-level domain, focusing on humor and shareability on the internet. The .meme domain is currently in a restricted registration phase, with early access opening on November 28th and public availability scheduled for December 5th.

Google emphasizes that “.ing provides a unique opportunity for expressive single-word domains on the internet, allowing individuals, businesses, and brands to showcase themselves in innovative ways. Whether it’s,,, or, .ing is poised for diverse applications.” Conversely, “.meme caters to internet culture, celebrating the humor, relatability, and shareability that drive today’s online content.

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