Unlock Your Amazon Account with Your Face – No Password Required


Amazon Introduces Secure and Convenient Passwordless Login with Passkeys

Following Google’s lead, Amazon is now implementing passkey support for its browsers and mobile shopping apps, offering a new passwordless system for secure and convenient access to Amazon accounts. With passkeys, users can use their face, fingerprint, or PIN to sign in to their Amazon accounts.

Dave Treadwell, senior vice president of ecommerce at Amazon, explained, “This is about giving customers ease-of-use and security simultaneously in their Amazon experience. While passwords will still be around in the foreseeable future, this is an exciting step in the right direction. We are thrilled to be an early adopter of this new authentication method, helping to realize our vision for a more secure, passwordless internet.”

Passkeys provide an innovative approach to accessing apps and websites without the need for traditional passwords. They are considered more secure and convenient as they are not easily written down or guessed, making it difficult for malicious actors to compromise them.

To use a passkey, users simply need to unlock their device, which serves as proof of device ownership and access capability. Passkeys eliminate the need to remember unique passwords or rely on easily guessable identifiers like names or birthdays. Customers can use passkeys to log in to apps and websites just as they unlock their devices, whether through fingerprint recognition, facial recognition, or a lock screen PIN. Moreover, passkeys are less susceptible to phishing attacks compared to traditional passwords and one-time codes delivered via text messages, thus enhancing overall security.

Amazon users can now utilize passkeys to access their accounts via browsers and the iOS Amazon Shopping app. Amazon also assures that passkey support for the Android Amazon Shopping app is in development and will be available soon.

Here’s how to set up Passkeys on Amazon:

  1. Go to your Amazon account and select Your Account.
  2. Choose Login & Security.
  3. Select Set up next to Passkeys.
  4. Follow the quick step-by-step instructions.

Once you have added a passkey to your account, you can sign in with it on supported devices or browsers using your lock screen PIN or biometrics to confirm your identity.

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