In a few days, cross-platform chatting between Instagram and Messenger apps will no longer be available


Starting in mid-December 2023, Meta is discontinuing cross-app chatting between Instagram and Messenger, with no disclosed reasons for the integration’s cessation.

Three years after Meta, formerly Facebook, proudly introduced a chat integration enabling users to send messages across their Facebook contacts and Instagram friends through the same Messenger, the company has decided to reverse this approach. In its latest support page announcement, Meta revealed that it will cease supporting cross-app chatting between Messenger and Instagram starting “mid-December 2023.”

For those unfamiliar, since 2020, Meta has allowed users of Facebook and Instagram to utilize Messenger or Instagram DMs to communicate with friends on either platform. Instagram users could message or call their Facebook friends directly from their Instagram DMs, and vice versa using Messenger to communicate with their Instagram friends. Enabling this feature simply required users to activate it in their Instagram or Messenger settings.

With the discontinuation of this integration, users will no longer have the ability to initiate new conversations or calls with their Facebook friends from Instagram. Existing chats with Facebook friends conducted via Instagram will transition into read-only mode, allowing users to view these chats post-disintegration but prohibiting them from sending new messages. Following the removal of cross-app chatting, friends on Facebook will no longer see the user’s chat activity or message read status. Furthermore, the support page notes that any chats users previously had with their Facebook friends via Instagram will not transfer to their Messenger inbox.

Meta has not provided a specific reason for discontinuing the integration. However, considering that WhatsApp is already working on third-party chats to comply with the EU’s Digital Markets Act, it’s plausible that the decision to end cross-app chatting between Instagram and Messenger aligns with these regulatory considerations. The EU’s Digital Markets Act mandates large companies to facilitate interoperability among messaging platforms, a requirement that has also influenced Apple’s recent adoption of RCS and integration of some iMessage features into Android Messages.

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