Former Google Employee Expresses Desire for Long-Term Career, But Loses Job After 2.5 Years of Service


Google Employee Opens Up on LinkedIn About Job Loss Amid Global Layoffs, Expressing Long-term Commitment to the Company

Alphabet, the parent company of Google, recently announced a significant reduction in its recruiting team’s workforce last month. While the exact number of affected employees remains undisclosed, several individuals have come forward to share their experiences. Alphabet emphasized that the decision to release “a few hundred” employees was not part of a broader layoff strategy and clarified its intention to retain a substantial portion of the team to fill critical roles. Additionally, Alphabet pledged to assist affected employees in finding alternative positions both within and outside the company.

Some former Google employees have taken to LinkedIn to reflect on their time working at the company. Many expressed sentiments of missing their colleagues and the workplace, while others conveyed gratitude for the opportunity to work at the tech giant. One particular employee shared on LinkedIn that he had aspired to work at Google until his retirement.

In his LinkedIn post, the individual expressed his initial intention to have a long-term career at Google but revealed that he was impacted by the recent layoffs, which were unrelated to performance. He received this news just before beginning the second half of his paternity leave.

Concluding his post on a positive note, the former Google employee expressed his eagerness to return to work for the company “in a fraction of a heartbeat,” describing Google as a “magical place with remarkable people.” Here is the content of his post:

“Thought I’d be working for Google until I retire, but alas. I’m gutted to share that I am among so many talented Recruiters who were impacted by another round of (non-performance-related) #layoffs. This is a few weeks before I was scheduled to head out on my second half of paternity leave. But hey, “at-will” means “at-will,” and I get it. I’d join the company again in a fraction of a heartbeat given the opportunity.

“It’s truly a magical place with remarkable people. Thank you, #Google and #Googlers for everything! I’m optimistic because I know the value I bring to the table, and I’m hoping to share a celebratory update sooner rather than later,” he wrote.

In terms of Google’s previous layoffs, the company had previously announced its intention to lay off 12,000 employees in January of the same year. A few months later, Google also reduced its workforce in the Waze mapping app department as part of the integration of the app into Google Maps products. The decision to implement these layoffs was communicated to employees by Chris Philips, the head of Google’s Geo unit, through an email.

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