Google Domain for Users to Create the Internet’s Most Hilarious Websites


Google Launches .meme Domain, a Fresh Online Territory Devoted to Everything Meme-Related, with the Objective of Emerging as a Central Hub for Viral Internet Sensations.

Google has recently introduced an exciting development: the creation of a unique online realm known as the .meme domain. Functioning as a specialized space for all things humorous, intriguing, and relatable, such as memes, this domain is poised to emerge as the epicenter for viral internet sensations. In a celebration of these beloved online phenomena, the .meme domain has officially debuted, with Google Registry partnering with six entities that have secured their presence:

  1. Know Your Meme, a leading platform for staying abreast of the latest meme trends, has established homes on and, offering a pulse on the ever-evolving landscape of internet culture.
  2. Fashion and lifestyle giant 10PM Curfew has joined the movement, blending style, cultural vibes, and humorous memes on and, creating a fascinating fusion of fashion and humor.
  3. Artist Rudy Willingham shares, a space where printable meme stickers are available, enabling anyone to bring these internet jokes into the tangible world.
  4. Key players like License.Meme, a premier hub for licensing famous memes, and, offering guidance to brands on meme-based content strategies, have also embraced the .meme revolution.
  5. Tenor, specializing in GIFs and memes, introduces and to simplify meme discovery and creation, empowering everyone to express themselves through these quirky internet sensations.
  6. Notable feline internet stars Grumpy Cat, Keyboard Cat, and Nyan Cat have found permanent residences at,, and, respectively, embodying the essence of cat-themed memes.

Effective immediately, .meme domains are available during an Early Access Period (EAP) at varying fees that decrease daily until December 5th. After this period, these domains will be accessible at a base annual price through various registrars.

This innovative internet domain is designed to be a playground for meme enthusiasts, providing a platform to share relatable moments, convey complex feelings, revel in randomness, or even spark social movements using these internet phenomena. The .meme domain is poised to be a vibrant space for creative expression, where the infectious, humorous, and often absurd nature of memes can flourish in a dedicated online realm.

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