Mercedes-Benz India Expands Its Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure to Include Owners of Various Car Brands


Mercedes-Benz is actively contributing to India’s shift towards electric vehicles by making ultra-rapid charging networks more accessible to all.

On Friday, Mercedes-Benz India, the renowned manufacturer of high-end German automobiles, unveiled plans for expanding its electric vehicle charging infrastructure to cater to customers of various automotive brands. This strategic move aims to expedite the widespread adoption of electric vehicles across the nation. Simultaneously, the automaker introduced the cutting-edge EQE 500 4MATIC electric SUV, offering it at an enticing introductory price of INR 1.39 crore (ex-showroom, all India). Additionally, Mercedes-Benz inaugurated a novel ‘Customer Experience Centre’ situated in Chakan, Pune.

Mercedes-Benz India is actively contributing to the transition towards electric vehicles (EVs) in the country by democratizing access to ultra-fast charging networks. Santosh Iyer, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Mercedes-Benz India (MBI), expressed that all EV owners, regardless of their car brand, can now relish the opulent Mercedes-Benz experience while utilizing the company’s charging infrastructure.

The company proudly claims to possess the most extensive charging network within the luxury automobile sector, comprising 140 charging stations at diverse locations. Among these, 40 chargers operate at power levels of 180 kilowatts and 60 kilowatts, facilitating rapid charging for EVs.

“…we are expanding the entire charging infrastructure, catering not just to Mercedes owners but welcoming all brands, both luxury and mainstream, enabling them to conveniently recharge their vehicles at higher speeds within our rapid charging network,” commented Iyer.

This initiative will contribute significantly to expediting the widespread acceptance of electric vehicles in India, he emphasized.

Additionally, in collaboration with Mercedes-Benz Research and Development India (MBRDI) based in Bengaluru, MBI has introduced a dedicated app. This app empowers electric vehicle users to access an extra 150 supercharging stations,” stated Iyer.

According to Iyer, the application is available for download to both Mercedes and non-Mercedes customers alike, offering seamless access to a rapid charging infrastructure spanning India. This service proves invaluable for daily commutes as well as personalized travel preferences.

During the unveiling event, he remarked, “Our commitment to enhancing our electric vehicle lineup is evident with the introduction of the EQE 500 4MATIC SUV. This represents a significant enhancement to our range of electric vehicles, boasting top-tier luxury features, cutting-edge technology, and seamless connectivity, among other remarkable attributes.” Furthermore, the company proudly announced that the EQE 500 4MATIC SUV will be accompanied by an industry-leading 10-year battery warranty and a biennial service interval.

He mentioned that the unique Customer Experience Center, unparalleled in the nation, would have a multifaceted role, encompassing tailored private consultations, individualized car deliveries, and the hosting of exclusive corporate events for top-tier clients.

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