IndiGo Unveils AI Chatbot Powered by ChatGPT for Inquiries and Ticket Reservations


IndiGo, a prominent Indian airline, debuts 6Eskai, an AI chatbot powered by advanced GPT-4 technology. Developed internally, the chatbot is designed to aid travelers in ticket reservations and address inquiries across ten languages

IndiGo, a major airline, has recently introduced its advanced AI chatbot, named 6Eskai, leveraging state-of-the-art GPT-4 technology. Developed in-house by IndiGo’s digital team in collaboration with Microsoft, this chatbot is designed to assist travelers in ten different languages, answering queries and facilitating flight ticket bookings across the airline’s extensive network.

The spokesperson for the airline emphasized that the in-house development of this AI chatbot is a significant achievement, positioning IndiGo as one of the pioneering airlines in the region utilizing cutting-edge AI to enhance travel experiences. Following a soft launch, the spokesperson reported an impressive 75% reduction in the workload of customer service agents, highlighting the bot’s efficiency.

With a substantial 1.7 trillion parameters, the AI bot boasts impressive capabilities, allowing it to adeptly address a wide range of queries and mimic human-like interactions. IndiGo’s team of data scientists delved into generative pretrained transformers (GPT) to train the bot, enabling it to understand emotions and inject humor into conversations.

The spokesperson highlighted 6Eskai’s versatility, emphasizing its ability to handle various tasks such as ticket booking, applying discounts, adding extras to bookings, facilitating web check-ins, assisting with seat selection, trip planning, addressing common questions, and even connecting passengers with a real person when necessary. Notably, the AI bot excels not only in understanding typed messages but also in comprehending spoken words.

Summi Sharma, the Senior Vice President of ifly and Customer Experience at IndiGo, expressed excitement about 6Eskai, anticipating it to be a valuable asset for travelers by providing prompt and personalized assistance. Sharma emphasized that this introduction reflects IndiGo’s commitment to leveraging new technology for a smoother travel experience for all.

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