The battery sizes for the iPhone 15 lineup have been disclosed, and early orders suggest potential delays in shipments for the iPhone 15 Pro Max.


Although Apple usually conceals the specific battery capacities of its iPhones, a recent revelation from a Chinese regulatory source has unveiled the energy capacities of the latest iPhone 15 lineup. What’s intriguing is that the data exposes the iPhone 15 Pro Max as having the most substantial battery, while surprisingly, the iPhone 15 Pro comes with the smallest one.

In brief

  • The disclosure of battery capacities for the most recent iPhone 15 lineup has emerged.
  • Early bookings for the fresh iPhones suggest potential delays in shipments for the 15 Pro Max model.
  • Commencing at Rs 79,900, the iPhone 15 series offers its introductory price point.

Although Apple typically conceals the battery capacities of its iPhones, recent information from a Chinese regulatory database has illuminated the power specifications of the latest iPhone 15 series. Interestingly, the data exposes that the iPhone 15 Pro Max boasts the largest battery unit, while the iPhone 15 Pro surprisingly features the smallest one.

Apple’s iPhone 15 Pro has experienced a surge in demand as global pre-orders commenced, causing initial delivery estimates to stretch into November, as reported by Bloomberg. Significantly, the Pro Max variant, priced at Rs 1,59,900 in India, has observed delivery dates being pushed as far as mid-November in the United States. India is grappling with delays of up to eight weeks for select Pro Max models. This trend of delays could persist and intensify as additional pre-orders inundate the market.

The source in question disclosed that the recently introduced iPhone 15 boasts a 3,349mAh battery concealed within, while the iPhone 15 Plus offers a 4,383mAh power source. Moving on, the iPhone 15 Pro is equipped with a 3,274mAh battery, whereas the iPhone 15 Pro Max is outfitted with a substantial 4,422mAh battery. Contrasting this, the iPhone 14 is furnished with a 3,279mAh battery, and the iPhone 14 Plus touts a 4,325mAh unit concealed beneath its surface. The iPhone 14 Pro, on the other hand, incorporates a 3,200mAh battery, and the iPhone 14 Pro Max features a 4,323mAh power source. These comprehensive specifications were procured from the database maintained by MySmartPrice.

In spite of these incremental increases in battery capacity, Apple chose to focus solely on the new phone’s battery life, refraining from divulging whether users can expect a superior experience compared to its predecessor. It is probable that any disparities are nuanced and may not yield noticeable improvements in everyday usage scenarios.

While consumers anxiously anticipate the arrival of their fresh gadgets, the prolonged shipment durations hint at a pronounced inclination towards premium, costlier variants. With the imminent release of Apple’s iPhone 15 lineup to consumers, it becomes evident that the company’s most recent innovations are already sparking substantial excitement within the mobile device industry. Let’s now examine the pricing details of the latest iPhone models.

iPhone 15 series: Price in India

The iPhone 15, equipped with a base storage capacity of 128GB, commands a price point of Rs 79,900, while the 256GB version carries a retail price of Rs 89,900. For consumers seeking an expansive 512GB of storage, this option is available at a cost of Rs 1,09,900.

In the case of the iPhone 15 Plus, the 128GB model is priced at Rs 89,900, and the 256GB variant is offered at Rs 99,900. Additionally, there exists a 512GB model for this iPhone, which can be acquired for Rs 1,19,900.

Stepping up to the iPhone 15 Pro, the 128GB model commands a price of Rs 1,34,900, while the 256GB variant bears a price tag of Rs 1,44,900. Consumers also have the option to invest in the 512GB model for Rs 1,64,900, or the capacious 1TB variant for Rs 1,84,900.

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