LinkedIn Witnesses High Demand for AI-Related Roles, Freelance AI Experts, and Prompt Engineers in Corporate Hiring


Growth in AI Opportunities, Encompassing Machine Learning and Freelance Positions, Reinforces the Notion of AI Transforming Job Markets Rather Than Eradicating Them. Experts Emphasize the Prosperous Outlook for Individuals Possessing AI Skills in this Evolving Economy.

The onset of 2023 marked a pivotal transformation in the realm of technology, heralding the era of artificial intelligence (AI). The proliferation of generative AI assistants such as ChatGPT, Bard, DALL-E, and their counterparts has seamlessly integrated AI into both our personal and professional spheres. Nevertheless, this paradigm shift has ignited a debate about whether AI will supplant human jobs entirely.

While some experts anticipate the displacement of numerous jobs by AI, others envision a landscape teeming with fresh opportunities as technology continues its evolution. A recent report from CNBC bolsters this latter perspective, highlighting a surge in AI-related job postings and searches on freelance job and career platforms. Drawing from data furnished by Indeed, a prominent job listing website, the report reveals a staggering 250 percent uptick in job listings related to generative AI from July 2021 to July 2023. Similarly, LinkedIn, a Microsoft-owned job portal, underscores the burgeoning interest in generative AI on its platform.

According to the report, the number of U.S. LinkedIn members incorporating generative AI keywords into their content has experienced a consistent monthly growth of 25 percent since early April. In June, AI-related terms such as “ChatGPT,” “prompt engineering,” and “prompt crafting” were being added to profiles at a rate 15 times higher than at the outset of the year.

In a recent report on the platform, Dr. Karin Kimbrough, Chief Economist at LinkedIn, noted, “In the past year, we’ve seen professionals globally adopting AI skills at a rapid rate; this is happening in parallel with employers increasingly looking for talent with knowledge of how to effectively use new AI technologies to enhance productivity in their organizations.”

Interestingly, the surge in AI-related employment opportunities aligns with the narrative that AI is more likely to replace repetitive tasks rather than skill-based roles. This trend mirrors historical patterns seen during the advent of computers, where typewriters were phased out but the emergence of computers created fresh prospects for those willing to acquire new computer-related skills.

Likewise, the forthcoming employment landscape is poised for a transformation, with automation targeting certain roles while simultaneously engendering the birth of novel ones. These newly created positions will necessitate skills distinct from those rendered obsolete. For instance, AI will usher in opportunities for individuals proficient in developing and deploying AI applications or those capable of leveraging AI to resolve intricate business challenges.

Fiverr, a company representative, underscored this shift by stating, “Many companies are exploring ways to integrate AI into their business platforms and working with skilled freelance developers.”

Notably, AI-related employment prospects encompass a wide spectrum, encompassing roles in machine learning as well as freelance positions, and are expected to continue expanding. Individuals equipped with AI expertise, including proficiency in utilizing AI models like ChatGPT API, DALL-E, and others, will be in high demand in this evolving landscape.

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