WhatsApp Undergoes UI Design Change, Raising Concerns of App Recognition: Read on for More Information


WhatsApp’s UI Design Overhaul: Potential Recognition Challenge for Some Users

WhatsApp appears to be undergoing a significant User Interface (UI) redesign, potentially causing some users to struggle with recognizing the app post-update. While younger users may not encounter issues, individuals who are less tech-savvy might require an adjustment period to adapt to WhatsApp’s revamped UI. Here are the details:

The latest beta version of WhatsApp hints at substantial UI changes, as evidenced by the removal of the traditional green color and alterations in various interface elements. According to screenshots shared by WaBetaInfo, WhatsApp is poised to relocate navigation bars like Status, Chats, and other tabs to the bottom of the app. Additionally, WhatsApp is allocating a new space for the Communities tab.

Notably, the app is shedding its predominant green hue, opting for a minimalist approach. The WhatsApp logo and the message button in the lower right corner will both adopt this green shade. Users will also discover new filter options at the top of their chats, including All, Unread, Personal, and Business. These filters are expected to streamline message sorting, though their exact functionality remains unknown. WhatsApp may enable users to categorize chats into Personal or Business sections. When a specific filter is selected, it will turn green, as depicted in the screenshots.

Furthermore, WhatsApp seems to be introducing a profile icon at the top of the app while retaining the search bar and camera icons. The app’s overall appearance will adopt a completely white color scheme, eliminating the distinguishing lines between chats, similar to the current version.

These UI alterations have been observed in WhatsApp’s beta for Android version The updated design features Material Design 3 UI elements and remains a work in progress. Consequently, further changes may occur in the app to modernize and meet user expectations. Once the beta version is refined, the new UI design is expected to roll out to all WhatsApp users. For the latest updates, stay tuned to India Today Tech.

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