Apple is reportedly in the process of developing foldable iPads, though the anticipated launch timeline lacks excitement


Reports Suggest Apple is Working on Foldable iPads, Aligned with a Shift to OLED Displays; Launch Timeline Remains Uncertain

Apple is said to be actively exploring the development of foldable tablets, aligning with its strategic shift towards incorporating OLED displays in MacBooks and iPads. According to a Nikkei Asia report, the company is contemplating the introduction of foldable iPads following the integration of flexible OLED screens, although the report does not provide a specific timeline for the anticipated launch.

This isn’t the first instance of rumors surrounding Apple’s venture into the realm of foldable iPads. Several months ago, there were reports of the company being in an ‘intensive development’ phase with suppliers to create a foldable iPad. Speculations suggested that limited production for the foldable iPad might commence by late 2024, hinting at a potential product announcement from Apple in late 2024 or early 2025.

Persistent rumors about Apple’s interest in a foldable iPad are substantiated by recent patent filings, which detail a hinge mechanism with movable flaps to prevent damage when folded, an OLED-based display, and a self-healing folding screen crease. Additionally, Apple is poised to introduce OLED displays in iPads and MacBooks, with high-end models of Apple tablets expected to feature these displays in 2024, followed by MacBooks in 2025. While Apple may appear slightly behind competitors in OLED adoption, the incorporation of flexible OLED screens in iPads sets the stage for the potential launch of the company’s first foldable device.

Beyond iPads, Apple is reportedly also in the development phase for a foldable iPhone. Reports in December 2022 hinted at a foldable iPhone, potentially named iPhone Fold, slated for release in 2025. Another source suggested that the iPhone Fold could adopt a clamshell design akin to the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip series. Despite speculations, recent reports in 2023 indicate that Apple may prioritize the development of the foldable iPad over the foldable iPhone.

As Apple remains tight-lipped about its development plans, the exact timeline and realization of these ventures remain uncertain. Nevertheless, given the burgeoning popularity of foldable devices, Apple’s potential entry into this dynamic market is eagerly anticipated.

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