Google is saying goodbye to Google Play Movies & TV, which has already been removed from Android TV


Google is bidding farewell to the Google Play Movies & TV app as part of a strategic initiative to consolidate its entertainment services

As part of a strategic initiative to consolidate its entertainment services, Google is bidding farewell to its Google Play Movies & TV app. The tech giant is gradually phasing out the app, with Android and iOS users being migrated to the Google TV app and the removal of the app from platforms like Roku and most smart TVs already underway.

The final departure of Google Play Movies & TV is scheduled for January, and Google has outlined a roadmap for users to seamlessly continue their entertainment journey, including watching shows and movies downloaded from the app. According to Google’s Android TV Help support page, users with a TV or streaming device powered by Android TV will see a Shop tab within the YouTube app become their primary destination for buying and renting movies and TV shows starting January 17. This transition is designed to ensure a smooth experience for users accustomed to the Google Play Movies & TV on Android TV.

Similarly, the YouTube app on cable boxes and set-top boxes running Android TV will take over the services for watching and renting content from the Google Play Movies & TV app. Meanwhile, web users will find their entertainment home on YouTube as well. Despite these changes, Google Play Movies & TV will no longer be available on Android TV devices or the Google Play website. However, users can still access all previously purchased titles, including active rentals, on Android TV devices, Google TV devices, the Google TV mobile app (Android and iOS), and YouTube, according to the support page.

A report by 9to5 Google indicates that Google has already started redirecting users to the Shop tab within the YouTube app, ensuring a seamless continuation of their entertainment experience. This approach aligns with Google’s commitment to maintaining user access to their purchased content, facilitating a smooth shift despite the changes in the platform.

The report also suggests that Google’s move to merge its entertainment services under the YouTube umbrella reflects a broader trend in the tech and entertainment landscape. This trend is evident in Apple’s recent revamp of its TV app, seamlessly integrating Apple TV+ content with movies and TV show purchases and rentals, showcasing an industry-wide focus on streamlining user experiences and offering more integrated solutions.

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