Elon Musk extends a job offer to Ilya Sutskever, a key figure involved in the circumstances leading to Sam Altman’s departure from OpenAI


Elon Musk suggests that Ilya Sutskever, instrumental in Sam Altman’s departure from OpenAI, should join xAI.

A few days ago, the sudden departure of Sam Altman from OpenAI garnered widespread attention. The young startup founder was dismissed by the OpenAI board, with Ilya Sutskever playing a significant role in Altman’s exit. Sutskever later apologized for his involvement. Altman subsequently returned as OpenAI’s CEO, terminating the previous board members and establishing an entirely new board. In a press release, Altman expressed admiration for Sutskever, referring to him as a guiding light in the field and a remarkable individual. Despite Sutskever not being part of the new board, Altman conveyed a lack of animosity and expressed hope for future collaboration.

However, recent reports indicate uncertainty about Sutskever’s role at OpenAI, with no official announcement about his position. Elon Musk has expressed interest in having Sutskever work for him amidst this uncertainty. Responding to a tweet about Sutskever’s uncertain future at OpenAI, Musk suggested him working for his newly formed AI company, xAI, or potentially at Tesla. This suggests Musk’s openness to the idea of Sutskever joining xAI, which recently launched its own AI chatbot, Grok, exclusively for X Premium subscribers.

Sutskever, upon learning about Altman’s return, expressed immense happiness. In a previous statement on X, he had expressed deep regret for his role in Altman’s exit, emphasizing his love for what the team had built together and his commitment to reuniting the company.

OpenAI officially announced Altman’s return via a tweet, mentioning an agreement with Altman and the formation of a new board with key members Bret Taylor (Chair), Larry Summers, and Adam D’Angelo. The rest of the details are being worked out collaboratively by the OpenAI team and Altman.

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