WhatsApp introduces a feature for vanishing voice notes to enhance the privacy of your conversations.


WhatsApp has rolled out the vanishing voice notes feature to elevate user privacy. Discover how to make use of this new feature.

WhatsApp has recently launched a novel feature known as View Once for voice messages, enabling users to send voice messages that vanish upon being listened to. This feature, analogous to the View Once feature introduced for photos and videos in 2021, aims to heighten message privacy. By activating this feature, concerns about your voice notes being forwarded to others are alleviated. According to WhatsApp’s blog post unveiling the feature, scenarios where a disappearing voice message might be beneficial include sharing sensitive information with a friend or ensuring confidentiality when planning a surprise.

The company emphasized that, similar to View Once photos and videos, View Once voice messages are distinctly marked with the “one-time” icon and can only be played once. To send a disappearing voice message, record the message as usual, then tap the new one-time icon before sending. The recipient can listen to the message only once, after which it vanishes from their chat history.

End-to-end encryption safeguards disappearing voice messages, ensuring that only the sender and recipient can access the message, with WhatsApp unable to do so. WhatsApp has announced that the global rollout of the View Once feature for voice messages will take place in the coming days. For detailed information on how it operates, users can visit the WhatsApp Help Center.

The introduction of disappearing voice messages is part of WhatsApp’s ongoing efforts to enhance user privacy. Alongside View Once photos and videos, the platform provides end-to-end encryption for all messages and calls, as well as the option to delete messages for everyone in a chat. Recently, WhatsApp introduced the Secret Code feature, allowing users to create a unique password with words or emojis to secure their chats.

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