Amazon Proposes the Adoption of Its Palm Scanning Technology Over Access Cards in Office Environments


Introducing Amazon One Enterprise, a Novel Service Providing Businesses with a Secure and Convenient Solution for Building Access Control Through a Special Palm-Reading Device.

Amazon has introduced Amazon One Enterprise, a palm-based ID service designed to enhance security and simplify access procedures. This service provides a rapid, touch-free authentication method for employees and authorized users in various settings, including offices, airports, and digital platforms such as financial data resources. By replacing cumbersome methods like access badges and PINs, Amazon One Enterprise reduces administrative burdens. IT administrators can easily set up Amazon One devices and manage users and updates through the AWS Management Console, streamlining authentication processes for organizations. The service is currently available for testing in the U.S.

Many organizations worldwide use diverse methods, such as badges, passwords, and fingerprints, to grant access to buildings and computer systems. However, these methods present challenges, as badges or fobs can be lost or copied, passwords can be vulnerable to guessing or forgetting, and biometric methods like eye or fingerprint scans may have reliability issues. Additionally, the use of different access methods across various parts of a company complicates administrative tasks.

Amazon One Enterprise addresses these challenges by offering a secure and user-friendly solution for businesses to manage building access. The special palm-reading device ensures enhanced security with multiple layers of protection for data transmission. Utilizing palm and vein patterns for identification, this device surpasses the accuracy of scanning two iris patterns. The system employs smart technology to convert palm images into unique, uncopiable codes. IT and security managers can easily install and control the devices centrally. By opting for palm recognition instead of traditional access methods like badges, companies can reduce costs associated with procurement and management. Amazon One Enterprise seamlessly integrates with standard security systems commonly used by businesses.

Dilip Kumar, vice president of AWS Applications, stated, “Amazon One Enterprise’s palm recognition technology is designed to deliver a highly accurate identification service that increases an organization’s overall security, while offering seamless authentication management with lower operational overhead. With Amazon One Enterprise, security administrators also have a centralized view of all user authentications across the organization, taking the stress out of managing multiple access control solutions. Businesses appreciate the privacy and convenience for their users, who can access physical locations and software assets with just a hover of their palm.

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