I phone 16 Leak Discloses Enhanced Battery Life, Larger Display


Recent Leaks Suggest the iPhone 16 Will Boast a Larger Display and Enhanced Battery Life. Base Models Likely to Maintain Standard Sizes, with Pro Models Anticipated to Feature Slightly Larger Panels

Online leaks about the iPhone 16 have begun circulating, revealing potential enhancements such as larger displays and improved battery life. Recent information suggests that the base models may feature standard-sized displays, while the Pro models are anticipated to have slightly larger panels. Noteworthy details have emerged regarding the battery of the iPhone 16, and insights from the supply chain indicate that the iPhone 16 and iPhone 16 Plus could have displays measuring 6.12 inches and 6.69 inches, respectively, using LTPS 60Hz technology.

Rumors suggest more significant changes for the Pro models, with the iPhone 16 Pro potentially featuring a 6.27-inch LTPO display and the Pro Max (Ultra) possibly boasting a 6.86-inch LTPO screen. However, caution is advised, especially regarding the claimed size of the iPhone 16 Pro Max screen, which appears unusually large. Additionally, leaked prototype photos of the iPhone 16 Pro’s battery indicate a frosted metallic shell and a battery size approximately 2.5 percent larger than its predecessor.

If accurate, this leak suggests a shift from a black foil casing to a metallic one for the iPhone 16 Pro models’ batteries, potentially improving thermal efficiency without a significant impact on weight—a trend observed in recent Apple Watches starting from the Series 7. Thermal management reports indicate that all iPhone 16 models may feature graphene heat sinks, known for their enhanced heat conductivity properties, potentially improving heat dissipation in the upcoming iPhone.

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