After Acquiring Twitter, Elon Musk Secures Himself in Office, Prompting Concerned Employees to Contemplate Involving Law Enforcement


At one juncture, Elon Musk secluded himself in his office, causing concern among his employees. Twitter staff contemplated reaching out to the San Francisco police for a ‘wellness check,’ fearing Musk might pose a risk to himself

Elon Musk’s high-profile acquisition of Twitter, now rebranded as X, generated significant attention last year. Following his assumption of control over the micro-blogging platform, Musk implemented various changes, including the dismissal of the company’s then-CEO, Parag Agrawal, and other senior-level employees. Subsequent reports highlighted cost-cutting measures such as the discontinuation of free meals and perks, along with requests for employees to work beyond standard office hours. These actions sparked discussions about Musk’s leadership style, drawing substantial criticism.

According to author Ben Mezrich, the backlash had a profound impact on Musk. Mezrich, who penned the book Breaking Twitter, disclosed that Musk, deeply upset by the impact on his reputation, reached a point where he secluded himself in his office. Concerned employees contemplated contacting the San Francisco police for a ‘wellness check,’ fearing Musk might pose a risk to himself.

“I think he truly cares about his reputation, and he was shocked,” stated Mezrich, adding that Musk underwent a significant transformation after the X acquisition — “he didn’t just break Twitter but Twitter broke him.”

In a recent development, Musk’s xAI announced the upcoming AI assistant named Grok, designed to answer questions with wit and a rebellious streak. Musk emphasized that Grok AI, modeled after the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, will be available exclusively for X Premium subscribers, departing from the typical free usage model for other AI bots. While a clear timeline for Grok AI’s release hasn’t been disclosed, Musk mentioned that the chatbot will be available as soon as it exits the Beta stage.

In a separate post, Musk revealed that X is actively recruiting AI experts for the development of Grok AI, indicating a continued focus on advancing artificial intelligence within the company.

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