YouTube is experimenting with a chatbot similar to ChatGPT, which will appear beneath certain videos


Google is working on innovative AI-driven functionalities for YouTube, encompassing a ChatGPT-inspired chatbot and a feature for organizing comments

Google is currently testing experimental generative AI features for YouTube, as announced in a recent blog post. The company aims to enhance the viewer experience by introducing two AI-powered tools. The first tool, resembling a ChatGPT-inspired chatbot, can answer queries about the video, suggest related content, and even provide educational quizzes. The second tool organizes video comments into topics, simplifying the discovery of relevant discussions. These tools are currently in the testing phase and accessible to specific YouTube premium subscribers.

YouTube has not confirmed whether these features will be exclusive to premium users or available for free users. Nevertheless, the goal is to improve interactions with YouTube content, irrespective of subscription status. The new AI enhancements include a tool that utilizes AI to summarize comment topics in long-form videos. This feature condenses lengthy comment sections into easily understandable themes, facilitating navigation and participation in discussions.

As part of the ongoing experiment, YouTube users can access a “Topics sorting” option in the comment section on mobile for specific videos. Creators benefit from enhanced engagement in comment discussions and valuable insights for new content based on audience interactions. Creators also have the flexibility to delete comment topics by removing associated individual comments, though it’s important to note that these topics are generated solely from published comments.

Google is also developing a conversational AI tool for YouTube, allowing users to inquire about the video, receive content recommendations, and more without interrupting playback. This tool, still in development, has the potential to transform the viewing and learning experience on YouTube. It could be used to provide quizzes and responses for academic videos, offering valuable learning opportunities. Selected YouTube users in the experiment can access a “Topics” sorting option in the comment section on specific videos using mobile devices, enabling quick navigation to topics of interest.

This AI tool assists content creators in engaging with comment dialogues, gaining insights, and finding inspiration for future content. The experiment is limited to select English-language videos with extensive comment sections. YouTube Premium members can opt-in to test this feature at

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