Instagram Introduces New “Activity Off” Feature, Empowering Users with Privacy Control


Meta Introduces “Activity Off-Meta Technologies” Privacy Feature, Enabling Users to Prevent Instagram Data Tracking Across Apps and Websites

Meta is introducing a new privacy feature called “Activity Off-Meta Technologies,” allowing users to block Instagram from tracking their data across various apps and websites. This enables users to prevent Instagram from gathering information about their online activities, which Instagram uses for personalized advertising and service enhancements. This feature is part of Meta’s efforts to address concerns regarding mishandling user data and unclear privacy agreements.

Meta is extending the privacy controls initially launched on Facebook to Instagram. With “Activity Off-Meta Technologies,” Instagram users can block data tracking across apps and websites, review data sharing with Meta by businesses, disconnect specific activities, or clear collected data.

Meta’s official blog post explains, “Activity Off-Meta Technologies allows you to manage how information other businesses send to us is connected to your Facebook and Instagram accounts. You can easily review the businesses that are sharing data with Meta, disconnect specific ones to further personalize your experience, or clear this data entirely – it’s up to you.”

In addition to the new activity tracker controls, Meta is enhancing the Accounts Center. Users can now transfer Instagram photos and videos to other services and download data from both Facebook and Instagram simultaneously. The Accounts Center streamlines settings management for multiple apps, offering consistent preferences across all of Meta’s applications.

For users desiring unique settings for each app, Accounts Center provides flexibility in managing settings according to individual preferences. This allows users to set the same or distinct preferences for Meta’s apps, such as Facebook and Instagram, based on their requirements. For instance, a user can maintain the same privacy settings for both Facebook and Instagram while adjusting notification settings.

The redesigned Accounts Center was first introduced on Facebook in January of this year. It serves as a central hub for users to control settings across Instagram, Facebook, and Messenger accounts, covering privacy, security, and advertising preferences.

Mark Zuckerberg is spearheading Meta’s efforts to adapt to evolving developments in the tech industry and regulatory landscape. Meta has increased transparency in advertising, providing users with detailed information about why they see specific ads, including their interests, demographics, and online activity. A new ad distribution system is also being introduced to enhance fairness and equity.

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