Absence of X App on CEO Linda Yaccarino’s iPhone Home Screen Sparks Controversy


Linda Yaccarino, CEO of the social media firm X, has ignited a discussion following a public presentation where her iPhone’s home screen conspicuously lacked her company’s app.

As the CEO of a social media company, it’s generally expected for your own company’s app to be readily available on your phone. However, a recent interview with Linda Yaccarino, the CEO of X, raised some eyebrows as her iPhone’s home screen conspicuously lacked her company’s app.

During a Thursday interview at Vox Media’s Code 2023 conference, Linda Yaccarino shared her iPhone with the audience, and to the surprise of many, the X app was notably absent from the first page of her home screen. It’s worth noting that customizing the iPhone home screen offers various options, especially with the introduction of Home Screen widgets in iOS 14. Users can organize multiple pages and even utilize the App Library to store apps. Typically, the first home screen page showcases the most frequently used apps.

Interestingly, X, the company’s own app, doesn’t seem to be among CEO Yaccarino’s top choices. During the Code 2023 conference, Yaccarino displayed her unlocked iPhone to explain the significance of X. However, the absence of the X app on her primary home screen page caught the audience’s attention. Her home screen featured apps like Starbucks, Gmail, Signal, and various Apple apps, including Messages, FaceTime, Wallet, Camera, and Calendar. Even Instagram and Facebook, both products of Meta, were present. Yet, the X app was noticeably absent from this prominent page.

It’s possible that the X app is located on a different page or in the App Library. However, the irony lies in its absence from the primary home screen page. Additionally, Yaccarino chose to keep the Settings app in her Dock.

Linda Yaccarino assumed the role of CEO of X in May 2023, following her appointment by Elon Musk, making her the first woman to lead the company. She brings a wealth of experience in media, having held senior positions at Turner Entertainment and NBCUniversal, where she gained expertise in advertising, marketing, and business development.

Since taking the helm at X, Yaccarino has focused on making the platform more inclusive and welcoming, while also nurturing its advertising business. Under her leadership, the platform has seen the introduction of various new features.

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