WhatsApp for iPad is now accessible to select users; here’s a guide on its utilization


Reportedly, WhatsApp is in the process of testing a new iPad app. To utilize this app, users will be required to have the beta version of WhatsApp installed on both their iPhone and iPad.

WhatsApp has risen to prominence as the leading global instant messaging application. This app, under the ownership of Meta, boasts approximately 2.7 billion monthly active users across various platforms, encompassing smartphones, desktops, and even Android tablets. However, Apple iPad users have been clamoring for a dedicated WhatsApp version compatible with PadOS for several years. Fortunately, it appears that WhatsApp is gearing up to fulfill this long-standing request. According to reports from Wabetainfo, WhatsApp is actively developing an iPad-friendly version and has commenced beta testing. The report states, “Beta testers can now install a beta version compatible with iPad through the TestFlight app, allowing them to use the beta app on their mobile devices.”

Until now, iPad users had to make do with the web version, as there was no dedicated iPadOS app, and the iPhone version lacked compatibility with Apple’s tablet. With the imminent release of a WhatsApp app tailored for iPadOS, WhatsApp enthusiasts will gain the flexibility to access their messages on any Apple device, particularly since WhatsApp already offers applications for iOS and macOS.

WhatsApp is expected to officially unveil the iPadOS version in the near future. As per reports, once the app becomes available for download, users will be required to install the beta iOS version of WhatsApp on both their iPhone and iPad. Subsequently, on their iPhone, they should navigate to WhatsApp’s settings, select “Linked devices,” and initiate the process of linking their iPad. This enables users to independently utilize WhatsApp on their iPad without the necessity of their phone being connected to the internet. This feature is particularly advantageous for individuals who frequently conduct work on their tablets.

Moreover, WhatsApp’s novel companion mode will guarantee the synchronization of all messages sent or received on the iPad with the user’s phone, regardless of whether it is an iOS or Android device. This means that users won’t miss any crucial messages, even if their phone is powered off. Additionally, end-to-end encryption will continue to safeguard the privacy of users’ personal conversations when employing companion mode. It is crucial to note that both WhatsApp for iPad and companion mode are still in the beta phase, and no official announcement has been made regarding their public release date. Nonetheless, if you are part of the WhatsApp beta iOS program, you can install the app on your iPad. Be prepared for potential bugs, such as issues with viewing and posting status updates and live location functionality. WhatsApp is actively addressing these issues and planning to implement further improvements in a forthcoming update.

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