Tech Mahindra Discloses Freshers’ and Super Coders’ Salaries During Campus Placement; Student Reacts with Shock


Tech Mahindra, a frequent visitor to Indian colleges and technical institutes for recruiting software engineers, prompts the question: What is the salary range for fresh engineering graduates at Tech Mahindra? The answer lies between Rs 3.2 lakh to Rs 5.5 lakh, with certain conditions.

If you’re a computer engineering student enrolled in one of India’s numerous colleges, you’ve probably pondered what your initial job’s salary might be, especially if it’s secured through campus placement. Different companies follow varying job and salary policies, and while a fortunate few may land roles offering substantial lakhs of rupees, most often start with more modest beginnings. According to reports from Tech Mahindra’s campus placement, the starting salary for fresh software engineering graduates at the company typically falls in the range of Rs 3.2 lakh to Rs 5.5 lakh. This salary revelation came from an engineering student who shared their findings on Twitter, along with some noteworthy conditions attached to the placement offer. These conditions include a willingness to work shifts that could require 24/7 availability and signing a bond committing to a two-year tenure, with a Rs 1 lakh penalty for leaving prematurely.

A final-year B.Tech student from NIT Jalandhar brought attention to these relatively low pay rates and demanding work conditions by posting a screenshot of Tech Mahindra’s terms and conditions for their on-campus placement drive for software engineers. According to the tweet, Tech Mahindra is open to hiring fresh graduates for various offices but expects them to adhere to specified work hours, including 24/7 shifts. Additionally, selected candidates must undergo a three-month probation period, a common industry practice, and commit to a mandatory two-year service period following successful completion of probation.

What stands out in all of this is the salary offered to those who receive job offers. Contrary to the perception of software engineers earning substantial salaries, Tech Mahindra’s offers are relatively modest. According to the tweet, Tech Mahindra offered an annual salary of Rs 3.25 lakh through regular hiring and Rs 5.5 lakh to those who passed the “super coder” selection process during placements. It’s worth noting that these details have not been independently verified.

The tweet by the student, Niku Singh, ignited a debate about how Indian tech companies may be underpaying fresh graduates. Some users expressed frustration with the current state of affairs, while others defended Tech Mahindra’s approach, citing the company’s investment in training fresh graduates.

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