Ola Electric’s CEO Welcomes Dog as Newest Employee, Shares Employee ID with Employment Details

Ola’s newest employee Bijlee who is an adorable dog with an id card curtesy by India Times

Ola’s CEO Introduces Bijlee, the Newest Employee—a Dog—with Official Ola Electric ID card and Unique Designation. Read on for Surprising Details!

Ride-hailing giant Ola has made a unique addition to its workforce – a dog! Founder and CEO Bhavesh Agarwal recently introduced Bijlee, the adorable canine companion, on his social media platform. What makes this hiring even more special is that Ola has bestowed upon Bijlee the title of “Ola Electric ID cardholder,” in reference to the company’s EV (electric vehicle) business, where “Bijlee” means electricity in English.

While this move is certainly amusing and shows Ola’s pet-friendly approach, it’s important to note that Bijlee’s role is symbolic, as dogs cannot hold the same responsibilities as human employees. Nonetheless, the gesture has garnered attention, and Bijlee received her own Ola Electric ID card, complete with intriguing details. For example, her employee code creatively reads ‘440 V,’ symbolizing the standard voltage in electrical systems. Additionally, her blood group is humorously listed as ‘paw+ve,’ playing on the word ‘positive’ while referring to her paws.

Agarwal officially welcomed Bijlee as a colleague, sharing her photo and employee details on X (formerly twitter). Bijlee’s instant messaging platform is “Slack,” and in case of emergencies, her contact information lists “BA’s office,” likely representing Bhavesh Agarwal initials. The ID card states that Bijlee is a proud member of the Ola Electric team located on Hosur Road in Koramangala.

Ola is not the only company embracing pets in the workplace. InMobi, One plus India, and Zeroth have also welcomed dogs into their teams, giving them unique designations. In a humorous move, X (formerly twitters CEO Elon Musk) introduced his pet dog, Floki, a Shiba Inu, as the CEO of Twitter during an interview. Musk is known for his witty takes on corporate titles, and he has previously referred to himself as the “chief twit” on his Twitter bio.

Pets in the office contribute to a positive and fun work environment, and these companies are setting a delightful trend by embracing furry friends as part of their workforce.

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