What did India accomplish during his tenure as the G20 presidency?

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Throughout India’s leadership of the G20, notable accomplishments encompassed its role in facilitating discussions on the Ukraine conflict, the issuance of the New Delhi Declaration, which emphasized the importance of climate financing, and its engagement in geopolitical negotiations.

During India’s leadership of the G20, noteworthy achievements and notable moments emerged as it united member nations to tackle pressing global concerns, notably the conflict in Ukraine, while also enhancing the influence of burgeoning economies as peacemakers. The New Delhi Declaration, unveiled during the two-day G20 Summit, charted the course for forthcoming discussions on vital economic topics.

India’s G20 Presidency: Key Achievements and Initiatives

  1. The inaugural day of the G20 Summit witnessed the emergence of the Novus Delhi Proclamation, which laid the foundation for deliberations on vital economic subjects. Notably, it introduced a groundbreaking benchmark of $5.9 trillion for sustainable financing necessities within developing nations, with a pronounced emphasis on climate-related funding.
  2. In the realm of global diplomacy, India assumed a pivotal role in shepherding accord on geopolitical matters, particularly the Russia-Ukraine predicament. Close engagement with Brazil, South Africa, and Indonesia underscored the sway of burgeoning markets in molding diplomatic resolutions.
  3. Under the banner of comprehensive partnerships, the proclamation acknowledged the contributions of Turkey and the UN-facilitated Istanbul Accords in ensuring unimpeded transit of grain, foodstuffs, and fertilizers between Russia and Ukraine.
  4. In terms of diplomatic endeavors, India’s tenure as G20 president was marked by extensive efforts, encompassing more than 200 hours of continuous negotiations, 300 bilateral meetings, and the drafting of 15 iterations to achieve consensus.
  5. Worldwide Ramifications: The choices deliberated upon during the G20 Summit were recognized as carrying extensive implications for the future, particularly in light of the prevailing global adversities like climate change, instability, and conflicts. The summit reiterated the G20’s competence in tackling urgent global concerns.
  6. Diplomatic Milestone: The collaborative declaration issued by the G20 leaders, following intense negotiations, represented a significant diplomatic achievement. It emphasized the dedication of all nations to abstain from employing force for territorial gain and declared the utilization or intimidation of nuclear arms as unacceptable.
  7. A Notable Achievement During India’s G20 Leadership: One of the remarkable achievements during India’s stewardship of the G20 was the inclusion of the African Union as a permanent member, marking a significant milestone in international diplomacy.
  8. Empowering Multilateral Development Institutions (MDIs): The G20’s Independent Expert Group proposed bolstering MDIs, with a particular emphasis on augmenting the financial capabilities of the World Bank. Furthermore, they approved a plan for implementing capital adequacy framework recommendations for MDIs, potentially unleashing $200 billion in lending capacity over the coming decade.
  9. Cryptocurrency Oversight: India’s leadership has spurred a worldwide agreement regarding the imperative necessity of more transparent cryptocurrency policies and regulatory measures.
  10. Financial Aid Blueprint: Under India’s guidance, a united accord has been achieved to devise a financial aid blueprint benefiting Zambia, Ghana, and Ethiopia as they grapple with their economic hardships.
  11. Sustainable Urban Development: The inclusion of sustainable and resilient urban development funding within the framework ensured its availability to Multilateral Development Banks (MDBs).
  12. Universal Accord: Every single one of the 83 sections within the collaborative statement garnered unanimous approval from all nations, showcasing India’s prowess in nurturing worldwide harmony and collaboration.
  13. Inclusive G20 Declaration: The G20 Declaration, without any footnotes or chair’s summary, demonstrated India’s prowess in bringing diverse nations together for constructive dialogue and collaboration.

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