McAfee Exposes: Google Enforces Ban on Android Apps that Stealthily Drain Device Batteries


Android Users Warned About Potentially Harmful Apps: Battery Drain and Data Consumption Reported Even with Screen Off – Read on for More Information

“Alert to Android Users: Beware of Suspicious Apps Draining Battery and Consuming Data in the Background A warning has been issued to Android users, urging them to examine their devices and eliminate a group of questionable applications. These apps possess the ability to deplete battery life and utilize mobile data even when the screen is inactive. The identification of these apps was uncovered by McAfee’s security team, who pinpointed 43 applications capable of showcasing advertisements while the device is in idle mode. This practice directly contravenes Google’s guidelines and contradicts the company’s Google Play Developer policy. In defiance of these regulations, some developers attempted to exploit this tactic to generate ad clicks without user consent.

Although Google has removed many of these apps from the Play Store, around 2.5 million users had already installed them prior to their removal, according to the cited source. Some of the applications flagged by McAfee include TV/DMB Player, Music Downloader, News, and Calendar apps. To evade easy detection, these ads remain dormant for several weeks after the initial app installation, making it more challenging to recognize the deception.

McAfee emphasizes the need for users to exercise caution when downloading new apps onto their devices. They stress the significance of reviewing the permissions requested by the software before proceeding with installation. Moreover, users are advised to monitor their device’s performance following new app installation; a sudden decline in battery life could indicate malicious activity. If you’ve experienced battery drain issues, you might be affected by this situation. However, it’s essential to note that poor battery life could also result from device age or battery unit damage. In any case, users are encouraged to be vigilant about the permissions granted to unfamiliar apps they install.

McAfee has also issued guidelines on how users can protect themselves. “It’s crucial for users to exercise caution and thoughtfully assess the necessity of granting permissions like power-saving exclusion or drawing over other apps before permitting them. While such permissions might be necessary for specific legitimate background functionalities, it’s vital to consider the potential risks associated with them, such as enabling hidden behaviors or diminishing the relevance of ads and content displayed due to concealed Clicker behavior.

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