Tech Mahindra Imparts AI Skills to 8,000 Employees: 5 Key Takeaways


Tech Mahindra Empowers its Workforce for the Future: Reportedly Trains 8,000 Employees in AI

“In a time when interest in artificial intelligence (AI) is dominating the tech world, Tech Mahindra has taken a significant step toward shaping its workforce’s future. According to reports, the company has trained approximately 8,000 employees in AI to better prepare them for upcoming challenges.

Since OpenAI introduced ChatGPT in November of the previous year, curiosity about AI has surged, leading numerous companies to integrate this technology into their daily operations. While AI isn’t entirely novel, the heightened interest can be attributed to ChatGPT’s popularity. Now, with Tech Mahindra equipping thousands of its employees with AI skills to stay ahead of the curve, we can only anticipate the transformative impact on the future. Here are five key takeaways about this recent development:

Company Focus: Tech Mahindra’s Global Chief People Officer and Head of Marketing, Harshvendra Soin, shared that the company is concentrating on the BFSI, healthcare, manufacturing, and retail sectors, particularly in geographies like the USA.

Investment in Employees: Soin emphasized that the company will persist in investing in employees to ensure a talent pool that remains future-proof and resilient. “We have trained and upskilled around 8,000 employees in generative AI and other AI platforms in the June 2023 quarter,” he stated.

Transformation in Work: Soin also highlighted how generative AI has emerged as the next significant trend in the industry, poised to revolutionize how we work, communicate, and create content. He added, “This rapid transformation has also prompted substantial shifts in skills demand, urging companies to re-skill and upskill employees through diverse learning tools and platforms.”

Profit Decline: The move follows Tech Mahindra’s reported decline in net profits for the April-June quarter, with a 36% drop.

CEO’s Perspective: Tech Mahindra’s CEO and Managing Director, C P Gurnani, who will retire later this year, acknowledged this as the most challenging quarter he has witnessed in the past five years. Despite this, he expressed optimism about generative AI, quantum computing, and cybersecurity driving the company’s growth.

As more companies adopt AI, it’s undeniable that this emerging technology will play an even larger role in our lives in the future. Consequently, the demand for individuals with AI knowledge is expected to rise. Job postings on platforms like LinkedIn already indicate a growing need for people with various levels of AI expertise.”

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