Veteran journalist Neerja Chowdhury released her latest book, “How Prime Ministers Decide”: The Art of Decision-Making.

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Veteran journalist Neerja Chowdhury’s latest book, “How Prime Ministers Decide,” vividly captures the gripping drama behind Sonia’s announcement, driven by Rahul’s deep concern for his mother’s safety.

In her groundbreaking book, “Paths of Power: Unraveling the Minds of India’s Prime Ministers,” renowned journalist Neerja Chowdhury delves into the captivating narrative that surrounded Sonia’s momentous announcement, driven by Rahul’s profound concern for his mother’s safety. Moreover, the book uncovers a revelation about former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi’s intriguing rapport with various RSS leaders while cautiously maintaining a distance from the organization.

About the book

  • Delving into the essence of the book, Chowdhury scrutinizes the distinctive approaches of the country’s prime ministers through six pivotal decisions that shaped history. These include Indira Gandhi’s strategic maneuvering to regain power in 1980 following her humbling post-Emergency defeat in 1977, Rajiv Gandhi’s consequential misjudgments leading to the overturning of the Supreme Court’s verdict in the Shah Bano case, V. P. Singh’s politically transformative implementation of the Mandal Commission Report, P. V. Narasimha Rao’s masterful yet fateful indecisiveness resulting in the Babri Masjid’s demolition, the paradigm shift in Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s stance from pacifism to nuclear assertiveness, and the unexpected strength displayed by the seemingly unassuming Manmohan Singh as he navigated through political adversaries to forge a historic nuclear deal with the United States, elevating bilateral relations to unprecedented heights.
  • Drawing from a wealth of exclusive interviews with prime ministers, key political figures, bureaucrats, aides, policymakers, and even behind-the-scenes influencers, Chowdhury’s book offers unparalleled insights gleaned from four decades of in-depth reporting on India’s national political landscape.
  • “Paths of Power: Unraveling the Minds of India’s Prime Ministers” is an extraordinary and illuminating read that promises to revolutionize our perception of how prime ministers govern the nation in the context of modern Indian politics.

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