Report: Amazon’s AI Service Draws Thousands, Competing with Microsoft and Google


New AI Tools Unveiled: Program for Conversational Customer-Service Agents and Technology Access from Startup Co.

“’s Cloud Division Attracts Thousands of Customers to AI Services, Competing with Microsoft and Google, Says Executive’s cloud division has seen substantial interest from customers in its AI services, competing head-to-head with Microsoft and Google in this critical domain, as revealed by an executive in a statement to Reuters. Additionally, the company unveiled new AI tools, including a program for creating more interactive customer-service agents and access to technology from the startup Co.

Prominent organizations such as Ryanair and Sun Life have already explored Amazon Bedrock, a service introduced in April, enabling businesses to develop applications using a variety of AI models, as stated by Vice President Swami Siva Subramanian. This generative technology empowers users to generate text, images, and other content on demand.”Our mission is to make every company an AI company,” stated Siva Subramanian during an interview associated with a summit hosted by the cloud provider in New York.

Amazon Bedrock competes with similar services offered by Google and Microsoft, two prominent cloud rivals who have garnered significant attention for their AI initiatives. Amazon’s disclosure of thousands of Bedrock users, not previously reported, indicates that its efforts are garnering notable interest as well.”

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